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Should the field "geographical coordinates" be added to the member's profile?

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Geographic coordinates

Post by Alter »

In my opinion, very useful tool in many possible local implementations of Cyclos would be a data field for "geographic oordinates"(longitude:tatitude) of every member, enabling future works on a useful tool for searching members located within a geographically defined areas (defined by point and distance from it).
What is your opinion?

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Re: geographical coordinates

Post by rinke »

Hmmm. interesting suggestion. So the idea is to convert these entered coordinates to some kind of function, which is able to tell you: "this member is living 23 km south-east of blahblahblah (the central point)". The purpose of this would be, that you can search on members living in for example a 5.5 km range of your own address.

However, I see a lot of hassle in introducing this. The members themselves do their registration, and I cannot imagine that more than 5% is capable of entering their correct geographic coordinates. Which would mean, that in order to get this working, someone of the organization should check these entries, and fill in the missing values - which would be quite some work. And the idea of cyclos was to have less work for organizing teams...

Maybe you have some good ideas about tackling these problems? As I see it now, I would vote "no" in your poll...
Rinke Hoekstra
cyclos project team,

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Post by hugovanderzee »

some additional information

At the moment we have planned for the inter Cyclos module the following hierarchical localization structure.

- local (or municipal)
- regional
- national
- international

We might add continental between national and international
Hugo van der Zee
Cyclos development team

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Use ZIP / postcal code instead

Post by Jonkhart »

Commonly used is using the postal code (like postcode in Holland). Somehow a databasetable must be filled with the relation postalcode versus geographical location. I think there are webservice available in NL that supply this service so you don't have to build it yourselve. A possible usages are:
1) find the nearest bank office
2) find the nearest LETS member offering some service
3) ... etc

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Post by mohsin »


Just thought to give some information on how we have handled this in our system.

Postcode & (Suburb Name)
District - Local (Municipal)
Country (National)
Global Region (this we have not added at start but idea recently came and it could be added in future when needed)

A person can search by Postcode or Suburb Name (some postcodes here in Australia can refer to more than one suburb)

To have a look please log in to and click the icon next to Service Area (Magnifier Lens) and the pop up for search will appear - if you enter say 3155 or 3148 Postcode in Australia you can see multiple suburbs under it - the data I got from Bureau of Statistics for Australia but Postoffices also have it

Kind regards
Mohsin Jaffer
Services4u Pty Ltd
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Add some fields to registration form and search members form

Post by seanrphl »

IMHO.. While it may be a nice thing to look at the geographical coordinates for deliveries and assistance, I prefer that just adding some fields to the forms will do for now as based on the previous posts, like municipality/city, province/town/county/state, zip/postal code and country. The continental field is not exactly needed, and best practices in other sites do away with it.

Members can discuss locations by sending maps to each other, say use Google earth and give a general location by marking it.

I am kinda uncomfortable at it, since it gives a "Big Brother" feeling to Cyclos. Perhaps members will just give coordinates in private communications. At the end of the day, some sense of privacy matters most.

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