Cosmic Hours: The Ultimate Alternative Currency

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Cosmic Hours: The Ultimate Alternative Currency

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I am Vega Angkor leader of Universal Phalanx a new European socialist party whose main goals are poverty and starvation erradication, animal liberation and the creation of Carl Sagan Encyclopaedia Galactica.

I have invented a Christian monetary system where everybody earns the same money working the same hours, and at the end of the year all money not spent disappears from the system.

Using this monetary system social classes, unemployment, money concentration, interests and inflation are erradicated forever.

I need programmer help to create a function that sets all accounts to zero save the interest free loans.

Universal Phalanx is a global political party I am also looking for leaders to create brother parties in other countries. Universal Phalanx is based in a new type of social system called biosocialism.

Download the Biosocialist Manifesto for free at:

Official Universal Phalanx website in Spanish:

Contact me at:

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