Download user record file in custom operation

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Download user record file in custom operation

Post by CreditCircuit »

We are trying to access a user's record of type file and provide a download link through a custom operation for user to download the stored file.

We have tried the following script copied from an example script in the Cyclos documentation but can't get it wo work; we'd appreciate some guidance please:

def recordTypeName = 'Invoices'
def invoiceNumberFieldInternalName = 'Invoice_Number'

// Fetch the invoice record with this invoice number
QRecordCustomFieldValue fv = QRecordCustomFieldValue.recordCustomFieldValue
UserRecord record = entityManagerHandler.from(fv)

if (record == null) {

throw new ValidationException("The record with identifier $invoiceNumber doesn't exist")


def invoice = scriptHelper.wrap(record)

return [
content: invoice.Invoice_AOD_File[0],
contentType: "application/pdf",
name: invoice.Invoice_AOD_File[0].getName(),
length: invoice.Invoice_AOD_File[0].getLength(),
lastModified: invoice.Invoice_AOD_File[0].getLastModified()
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