webshop purchases / sales manageable by brokers / admin

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webshop purchases / sales manageable by brokers / admin

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Dear Cyclos-Developers,

i experimented more with these webshop products.
Basically, they work great!
Again, awesome functionality turns into Cyclos. Thank you.

In search of making a webshop purchase automatically 100% finished via API, i digged into webshop config beyond API:
  • There is no option to turn off the purchase-acknowlegment from sellers side after buyer submitted the article;
  • Only user who can acknowledge it, is the seller; neither an admin nor a broker can be configures to commit a sale in presentation of the seller
  • this is independently of configured / choosen delivery methods
Is this correct?
Is this going to be expanded?
  • Turning acknowleding of sales of web prodcuts off in den config per group or in web shop settings
  • Allow products not to have a delivery method. e.g. for download-products, events without sending tickets, charities donations, ...
  • Allow brokers and/or admins to commit a sale for an (assinged) user
  • make these stuff work via API as well
So, if you commit that my investigations are correct, this would be my little wishlist ... :D :oops:

Thank you, Thomas
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