Scan QR / Barcode Shuts Mobile App

Any issue about Cyclos 4 mobile app

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Scan QR / Barcode Shuts Mobile App

Post by barry »

Hi Admin,

I am using Cyclos 4.9.1 and mobile app version 2.2.1 and I have noted the following issues.

1. Any activity involving the use of the QR/Barcode scanner shuts down the mobile app. These include;
a. Making QR paymentS
b. Redeeming vouchers

2. External payment does not work on the mobile channel. The feedback is "User not found".

Kindly look into this.

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Re: Scan QR / Barcode Shuts Mobile App

Post by Ousmane »

Had the same problem on 4.9 - 4.10.2 using v 2.3.1
Did you change the app name? Tried again with the original App from play store and it worked.
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