[Cyclos 3.7.3] autocomplete fails in IE11 (SOLVED)

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[Cyclos 3.7.3] autocomplete fails in IE11 (SOLVED)

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Many javascript functions used in Cyclos do not function in IE11.

This is due to the deprecation of the attachEvent action - addEventListener now needs to be used instead. (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... s.85).aspx for more details)

attachEvent is used extensively in the JavaScript library JavaScriptTools.js - Cyclos 3.7.3 comes with version 2.2.4 of this library, which dates from 2011. Upgrading it to 2.2.5 fixes the issues.


1. Download the latest version of JavaScriptTools from http://sourceforge.net/projects/javascriptools/files/

2. Extract the files from the archive

3. Copy the file {EXTRACTED_DIRECTORY}js/JavaScriptUtil.js to the its location within the cyclos app directory:

{CATALINA_HOME}/webapps/ {YOUR_APP_NAME}/pages/scripts

4. Test that the change was successful in your browser. Ensure you empty your cache first (on windows use CTRL-F5)

You may want to make a safety copy of the existing file first
Simon Woolf
Cyclos Consultant
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