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google analytics

Post by jaime »

have someone tried to enable google analytics report over cyclos transactions?

if yes, sucess? howto? ... _referral=

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Re: google analytics

Post by rinke »

jaime wrote:hi,
have someone tried to enable google analytics report over cyclos transactions?
Not as far as I know. Implementing it seems quite simple.

Note however that we also have our own statistics module in Reports > Statistical Analysis. In the next upcoming versions, this section will be extended with many new features.

Rinke Hoekstra
cyclos project team,


Post by jaime »

thanks again.

i didnt triedmyself. (neither got enough data to do study cyclos report as it deserve.)

i dont have enough knowledge yet to make a comparasion between thans. but was good to hear that would be feasiable if desireable.

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Google Analytics Ecommerce API

Post by joshua »

integrating the Google Analytics Ecommerce API with Cyclos would be relatively simple and very useful. You could get geographic plots of transactions, and perhaps some very useful information: the geographic dimension to a trading currency. ... merce.html
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Re: google analytics

Post by routecisco »

Does anyone have any experience integrating google analytics into cyclos 4?
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Re: google analytics

Post by admin »

At this moment Cyclos does not support Google analytics.
We do support meta tags for Search engine optimization (SEO).
The metagags can be set in the configuration: Display - Application description
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