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Payment trigger

Post by Stuart »

I have a website that allows people to add items to a basket and then make payment using cyclos.

What happens is the clients adds items to the basket

The Basket then creates a ticket and redirects them to Cyclos for payment once the payment is made and they close the payment cyclos updates the basket and that then places the order via email. This all works well but the trigger that updates the Basket from cyclos seems to happen after the clients clicks the "Close" button on the payment receipt page. So the problem comes about when a client does not click the "Close" Button but actually just closes the payment screen - The net result is that the basket is not updated but the cyclos payment is processed.

Would it not be possible to have the trigger that updates the basket attached to the creation of the receipt so that the basket is updated at the time the payment is done not at the time the receipt is closed by the client who are not reliable.
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