Custom fields for loan groups not working

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Custom fields for loan groups not working

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Hi there,

I have created several custom fields for loan groups.
When I create a new loan group, I can enter values in the custom fields and they are saved. When I edit a loan group later, Cyclos acts as though it would save my changes normally but then when I view the details again they have not been updated.

I had this problem in 3.7.1 and was waiting for our update to 3.7.3 to confirm the problem is still there: and it is.
I have no trouble with any other custom fields (I use member and ad custom fields; admin custom fields I haven't tried).

I'm not sure if this may be a separate issue: I added a custom field with the new field type MEMBER. It shows correctly for an admin where it's editable, however for the user it displays as blank, even though there is a value. I have only tested this with loan groups so far.


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Re: Custom fields for loan groups not working

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We confirm the issues. this will be fixed on the next version.

Thank you for report.
Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.
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