[ Cyclos 3.6.1 ] Problems: Global container page url

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[ Cyclos 3.6.1 ] Problems: Global container page url

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Hi everyone,

I'm noticing problems that I don't remember having with 3.6.0. I have the basic setting "Global container page url" set to http://marktplatz.rewig-muenchen.de/marktplatz/, which embeds the Cyclos actually running at https://rewig-marktplatz-muenchen.cyclo ... n/do/login in an iframe (which is where I want users to see it!). Now this is happening:

1) When I try to register a new account (in the iframe) the Captcha is not accepted, keeps saying I entered the wrong characters (I did'nt). If I register directly at the real Cyclos server address (no iframe) then it works fine.

2) When an Admin or User creates a new profile and the user is sent an E-Mail to confirm the E-Mail address, then the Link is directly to the real cyclos address (of course), and a redirection happens to the embedded iframe - BUT the account is not confirmed, I just see the login-or-register dialog. If I copy the link and enter it manually into my browser address field, then it works (Firefox 11.0). So it seems that the redirection is losing the GET Parameters for the validation.

3) HEH? When I try to work as a normal user in the iframe I keep being told that my session has expired?!...

OKAY, I remember these problems with Internet Explorer 8 and it seemed to have to do with accepting 3rd-party cookies. The suggested fix is to send a HTTP P3P header from the Cyclos side, see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9812 ... t-explorer.

So in fact it's not a Cyclos problem at all, and the P3P Header may help, but in general the solution which the user can implement is to add the Cyclos Server as an exception to the list of trusted or not-blocked sites (if you can read german: http://marktplatz.rewig-muenchen.de/mar ... eshooting/).

Submitting this report anyway, in the hope it may help others!

Cheers, Tim
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