User identification method: local token retrieval

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User identification method: local token retrieval

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I've just created a new user identification method to access web services. And I've just realised that it would be great if a new option could be implemented:

Token retrieval method
  • Using Access Code (default)
  • Web UI
In case of the first choice, current behaviour would be used (The use case would be e.g. that a user wants to activate a POS device that is connected to his user account). However, if you select Web UI, the token can be viewed directly in the web interface, rather than first getting it using the access token.

The use case for this is, that if I'm using an administrator user to access not-personalised web services, I would prefer to disable login with password entirely. This, however, is not possible as the login is required required in order to retrieve the token in the first place.

Furthermore, I would prefer not having to hand out the password to external parties, like app or website developers, who implement an access to Cyclos data. Since the data is generic and not user-dependent, multiple instances would use the same user with different tokens. In that case, I would rather like to hand out the token only, and thus retrieve it in the web UI, rather than to use a script to get it over the web services myself.

Thank you for your consideration.
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