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Wordpress plugin to display ads

Post by kevin »

I know this has come up before... but hoping that since the last time it was asked, someone has created a Wordpress plugin which does what the Joomla component does, in displaying ads from a Cyclos system. I've been looking at converting our Wordpress site to Joomla just in order to use that component, but I've run into several roadblocks.


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Re: Wordpress plugin to display ads

Post by sparker »

Hi Kevin,

There is no plugin that I am aware of, but we have managed to integrate web services into our wordpress site by adapting the php sample code provided by Cyclos at https://www.cyclos.org/wiki/index.php?t ... b_services , and then adding that to wordpress template files. I'd say this is better than using someone else's plugin anyway, as you have more control and flexibility.

See http://economyofhours.com/listings/ - this uses random adverts code and cyclos.php and view_ad_details.php. We've also got the search working in a similar way (though not live yet)

There are a few things that we'd like to do that we haven't worked out yet, but this works well for us.
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