Bug and problem reporting on Cyclos 4 version

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Post by freerk55 »

Who is using Lasspass >>
for remebering his passwords
It does not work properly on my computer with a community we created on
Does anyone of you solved this problem?


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Re: LastPass

Post by ton.bil »

I'm a LastPass user and find some trouble logging in as well. I suppose this is because I have given LastPass more than one account to register (e.g. admin, user), and it doesn't know which one I want to use at any given moment. The solution seems to be to generate different names for the different logins I'm using. At least that 's how I solved the problem. Good luck!

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Re: LastPass

Post by lhuber »

I'm using Keepass. It is not working either. I think there is a restriction on Cyclos 4 due to security reason for autofill of forms.


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