[cyclos 3.6.1] Another POS (posweb) issue

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[cyclos 3.6.1] Another POS (posweb) issue

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We have in our timebank a voucher (barter slip, coupon, token*) system. That means that we draw out the vouchers to our members an vice versa (pay in). To handle this more easy by the operators (admins) it would be helpful to have a kind of POS.
First I thought we could use posweb for this, but I have to realize that posweb is for members and operators only. I don't see much sense in this, because to perform members payment we have already the WAP access, witch gives the members a more easy interface for eg. shop payments.
So why the posweb interface is not accessible for admins? In our case we configured a desk.operator group who can only perform voucher transaction (system to member an vice versa).
If this group could access via posweb it would be very easy to build POS terminals with any web device. For example an old PC or notebook or even a cheap tablet computer.
Especially if there is no suitable POS device available until now (http://project.cyclos.org/news1/33-look ... os-devices).

* whatever you wanna call it!

I'm not shure but is it possible to use the posweb interface for a sales point (no voucher) like this:
The member account of the company/store has one or more salesperson with a operator account.
There are two posweb devices in use, one for the salesperson an one for the customer. The customer has to login into posweb.
The operator (salesperson) sends a bill to the customer an the customer is accepting this bill via the posweb device.

More convenient would be a process like this:
There is one posweb devices in use. The operator is sending a posweb bill to the customers account.
A accept bill window is poping up on the device. If it is a tablet device for example the salesperson handing the tablet over to the customer and he or she has only to accept through typing the password.
This scenario would make sense to me when posweb is used in a store or so.

Thanks Lucas
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