Automatically accept orders by seller | digital products feature

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Automatically accept orders by seller | digital products feature

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Dear Cyclosians,

our suggestion on digital products / avoiding the need of having orders accepted by seller:
  • We have the requirement to accept orders automatically by seller.
  • This feature would help Cyclos generally to better support of digital products.
Currently, there is no possibility to sell digital products (“songs”)

It could be solved without having a checkbox on product level which tells the cart "this product is automatically accepted (by seller)".

=> Is it possible to add this to web products “accept without confirmation by seller”? When an order is received which only contains products with this checkbox set this order is automatically accepted (by the seller). If at least one product does not have the flag the order is processed as before (requiring manual accept by the seller).

Further suggetions are / not 1:1 related to our issus but smooting cyclos' cart process:

be able not to provide a address
could be done in delivery method, checkbox
"this delivery method does not need an address"
=> then, a product would need a select box of available devliery methods for it;
easier: product is marked with another checkbox as "not delivery needed - digital product"
be able to have the user's standard address preselected
this would ease the checkout-process enormously -> users here often fail recognizing to have to select a address. Often they start annoyed entering their same address by hand again.
=> Maybe you can change it from select-box to radiobuttons:
choice #1: preselected standard-address (as selectbox)
choice#2: another manual entered address

Thank you, Thomas
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