Error SMS INFO InboundSmsHandlerImpl - Received an Inbound sms request

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Error SMS INFO InboundSmsHandlerImpl - Received an Inbound sms request

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Dear Cyclosians,

I am using my own Cyclos 4.12 on AWS and behind a load balancer.

I wrote a SMS operation script that should do the following:
1- An SMS is sent to Cyclos with a following command COM 100 200

The two values sent with COM should be stored on a user record.

I followed the Taxi example described in the documentation.

With regards to SMS the Cyclos configuration looks fine for me:
The configuration URL is OK, SMS operation OK, Product set up correctly, user set up correctly with phone SMS enabled, verified, and SMSed.
and so one...

I can see the Inbound SMS messages sent by Nexmo reaching Cyclos using Wireshark.I captured through Wireshark the Inbound SMS message and I can see clearly that the SMS mobiles numbers (from and to) and the text message are correctly populated.

However whenever an SMS message hits Cyclos the Tomcat console displays :"INFO InboundSmsHandlerImpl - Received an Inbound sms request on https:/<URLconfiguration> which didn't pass in the number and / or message"

I set the as I am working behind a load balancer from AWS.

I don't know what I am doing wrong....

Many thanks for your help?

William Marston
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