How to use payment field of type linked entity?

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How to use payment field of type linked entity?

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I configured a custom payment filed of type 'linked entity, type=Advertisement'.
I want, that each payment refers to some advertisement.

I now have problem what to fill in in this place when the user is going to make a transaction. The only way I found to enter something into this field is by using the internal advertisement id, this instantly gets replaced by the full advertisement title, which is very nice. But there is no way for the users to see the ids of the advertisements.

There should be some kind of autocompletion, so payer can type the name of the advertisement, but this does not work, probably it needs some setting that the advertisement titles are accessible in payments as keywords, as it is made with profile fields when I search for advertisements. But I see no place to configure this.

How is this to be done? Can you please explain how payment fields of type 'linked entity' are meant to be used?
Can you help?

Best regards, Oliver
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