minor but neat https / http issue

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minor but neat https / http issue

Post by admin_de2 »

Hi dear Cyclosians,

after switching to https we got errors in the browser-console according insecure source for System-logo, ticket-logo, mobile-logo and favicon.
These ressources are loaded via http, regardless if the current setting in configuration contains https or not.

I could fix the first three by changing the link from http:// to // in Content -> Static Content -> 3x times Header-Sections

Could you please fix that in default content with changing http:// to //? (Missing protokoll uses http OR https - always the right one)

What i could not change, is the URL for the FAVICON.

Can you advise if that is possible? Where?
And please can you change that for the next release?

Many, many thanks to you!


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Re: minor but neat https / http issue

Post by alexandre »


Probably you are using some kind of proxy for the https.
This way for the Cyclos work properly you need to set the correct property on cyclos.properties file:
cyclos.header.remoteAddress =
cyclos.header.protocol =
Also the https url must be filled at the default configuration.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.

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