Forgot Password not working v4.6

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Forgot Password not working v4.6

Post by grahamwoodruff »

Since upgrading to 4.6 I can't get our forgot password feature to work. Reset email is ok but the link causes a "The action you attempted to perform is invalid" error every time.

Am I missing something in my configuration, currently have:

Configuration - User data - Forgotten passwords retrieval - Allowed by e-mail confirmation (without captcha)

Have also tried (with captcha), e-mails are set to required and unique.

Any ideas?


- Graham

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Re: Forgot Password not working v4.6

Post by Rainer »

The "forgot password" feature stopped working in some installations running on Cyclos 4 Communities in Switzerland, while in the case of , the text of ACCESS.LOGIN.forgotIdentificationOrPassword is displayed properly (but not in the other installations, e.g. below the input mask on the login page.
In the system configuration, both boxes SYSTEM.CONFIGURATIONS.forgotPasswordMode and SYSTEM.CONFIGURATIONS.showForgotPassword are ticked in all installations.
Any ideas?

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Re: Forgot Password not working v4.6

Post by alexandre »


It's fixed for communities.
The fix will be published on the next Cyclos version.

thanks for report.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.

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