Possible bug in cyclos 4.5.x

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Possible bug in cyclos 4.5.x

Post by letcheta »

I am suspecting a possible in cyclos 4.5.x .
In cyclos 4.4.x, I have to change group of an user by scripting.
When I use the same script, I have the validation Property exception (in french, nouveau groupe est incorrecte) new group is incorrect.
I have verified the new API and differences between 4.4 and 4.5, but it seems to be no change for this case.

I want someone else to testify that, "this is a new bug".
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Re: Possible bug in cyclos 4.5.x

Post by alexandre »


This is a bug. Thanks for report.

It will be fixed on the next version.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.
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Re: Possible bug in cyclos 4.5.x

Post by manuhernz »

More than a million messages got so far, and all are about this:
General errors:
* Error sending e-mail

at org.cyclos.impl.utils.notifications.MailHandlerImpl.doSend(MailHandlerImpl.java:209)
at org.cyclos.impl.utils.notifications.MailHandlerImpl.sendNow(MailHandlerImpl.java:164)
at org.cyclos.impl.messaging.MailProcessingPollingTask.process(MailProcessingPollingTask.java:69)
at org.cyclos.impl.messaging.MailProcessingPollingTask.process(MailProcessingPollingTask.java:35)
at org.cyclos.impl.utils.tasks.EntityBatchPollingTask$3.doInTransaction(EntityBatchPollingTask.java:253)
at org.cyclos.impl.utils.tasks.EntityBatchPollingTask$3.doInTransaction(EntityBatchPollingTask.java:225)
at org.cyclos.impl.utils.transaction.TransactionHandlerImpl.runEnsuringInvocationContext(TransactionHandlerImpl.java:260)
at org.cyclos.impl.utils.transaction.TransactionHandlerImpl.doRun(TransactionHandlerImpl.java:181)
at org.cyclos.impl.utils.transaction.TransactionHandlerImpl.run(TransactionHandlerImpl.java:236)
at org.cyclos.impl.utils.transaction.TransactionHandlerImpl.run(TransactionHandlerImpl.java:95)
at org.cyclos.impl.InvokerHandlerImpl.doRunInTransaction(InvokerHandlerImpl.java:507)
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