Cyclos 4 App - changing Location does not work

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Cyclos 4 App - changing Location does not work

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Hi all,

after testing i wanted to change the cyclos location in the app.
Current status of the app is that POS is confirmed and without signing in i can start the POS-part of the app.

Ending the pos and entering the configuration for changeing the cyclos location brings up the hint that the POS has to be deactivated on cyclos.

AFTER deleting the POS-entry for that tablet (the only one) completely and after ending the app completely i restarted it.
Entering the configuration for changing the cyclos loaction brings still the same hint.

Since the cyclos location input field is read only with that hint, i cannot change the cyclos location anymore ever never again.

=> Maybe that's a bug?!?

Thank you,
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