Problem: tx-filter by amount not sufficient

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Problem: tx-filter by amount not sufficient

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Dear Cyclosians,

When filtering a transaction history in the UI by tx-amount, only unsigned integer values are allowed.
When filterting a a balance range with the API, only signed integer values are allowed.

This implies:
* UI and API behaves differently here (it's ok - make no sense to filter by balance for one user)
* whole integer values filtering leads to being not able to filter out saldos with "0" (API-case), what might be a considerable amount of unneeded data;
* using unsigned integer in amount filter of the UI, it's not possible to filter by only < 0 or only > 0 values; both values appear everytime then;

At least the API-filter with avoiding retrival of zero-balance-accounts could be improved.

Thank you, Th.
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