digit mobile numbers: various lengths

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digit mobile numbers: various lengths

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Had huge success with sms via gateway using a 10digit phone number :D but hit a snag when trying to get things working with both 10 and 11digit numbers (as both exist in my country).
0064 0 211234567
0064 0 2112345678
Can you explain why it would not working to not enforce a mobile phone length in the Driver. But do enforce it in Cyclos.?
We have been testing with different phone lengths. And it did work correctly.
What if you want conversion to still occur (area.code.len) to be able to deal with 10,11 digit numbers? Can someone plse shed some light on how you got it working correctly? Or an example code for this.

phone.with.area.code.len=9 (10?) heres my problem
phone.area.code.prefix=0 (all good)
phone.country.code=0064 (all good)

I ask this because the example laid out by acampadaleipzig seems to deal with country.code and code.prefix rather than area.code.len :|
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