Connection to Mobile Gateway

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Connection to Mobile Gateway

Post by barry »

I am using my android phone (samsung galaxy s2) as the sms gateway for my sms module. The problem is that, when i run a test on the monitor, everything works well except that the connection to the gateway is refused. The exact feedback is:

” Couldn’t send message to gateway [ControllerMessage [Message [traceData=1, from=9999, provider=null, to=0262012345]]: TITANPS: A payment of Ghs0.06 was received from assmith. Your balance is Ghs1.73]: Connection to refused”.

What could be the matter?


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Re: Connection to Mobile Gateway

Post by ken4ward »

Check the URL in the SMS Gateway, it may be wrong. And again, the URL in your httpDriverConfig ought to end like this: Change the IP -"" to the IP of your mobile device where you installed the SMS Gateway. Are you running it under a network?

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