[Cyclos 3.7.3] accepting Ts & Cs overrides password change

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[Cyclos 3.7.3] accepting Ts & Cs overrides password change

Post by simonjwoolf »

If an administrator registers a member, in a group with the following settings:

1. Don't send password via email
2. Not an initial group
3. Show terms and conditions
4. Change password on first login

then the terms and conditions are shown to the user the first time they log in, but they are *not* required to change their password. When the user then logs in for the second time, they are then forced to change their password.

This looks like a bug to me. How to resolve?

(Using Cyclos 3.7.3, JRE 7, Tomcat 7, MySQL 5, Ubuntu 12.04)
Simon Woolf
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Re: [Cyclos 3.7.3] accepting Ts & Cs overrides password chan

Post by alexandre »


Thanks for report. We confirm the bug, this will be fixed on the next version, 3.7.4

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.
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