Fast Cyclos maintanence?

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Fast Cyclos maintanence?

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Hello all,

Have you given any though about the possibility of faster and better maintanence?
For an example everyone that uses Cyclos and ran into a bug want a fast solution, so if we pay something like a year maintanence fee... maybe it will be possible for you (cyclos team) to respond faster to any bug issues?
We ran into a couple troubles that took us weeks to solve since we got no response here... So if there was an option to pay for fast bug fixes it would be more than great. I am sure that other users think the same way.
So any thoughts on this?
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Re: Fast Cyclos maintanence?

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We had to slow down the development process of Cyclos3 because we had to give priority to the Cyclos4 development.
Cyclos4 will have faster release cycles. This is unfortunatly not possible with Cyclos3. We will do our best to provide a release of the next version. But we cannot give any estimation.
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