[cyclos 3.7_RC1] Send invoice from profile not possible

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[cyclos 3.7_RC1] Send invoice from profile not possible

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we've been extensively testing 3.7_RC1 and have found this little bug.

When members of different groups (both having the same permissions allowing them to send eachother invoices) try to send an invoice directly from another member profile, the system gives an error saying (The member does not have the permission to execute this function).

If the same member tries to invoice through the menu option where he has to fill in all details about the receiver, it works.

We have been also trying to fix this by changing the permissions in the profileOfMemberByMember.jsp but it still doesn't work.

Thanks in advance,

p.S. Check /members/includes/profileOFMemberByMember.jsp

This work between members of different groups with correct permissions

Code: Select all

<c:if test="${hasAccounts && cyclos:granted(MemberPermission.PAYMENTS_PAYMENT_TO_MEMBER)}">
					<cyclos:cell width="35%" className="label"><bean:message key="profile.action.payment"/></cyclos:cell>
					<cyclos:cell align="left"><input type="button" class="linkButton" linkURL="payment?to=${member.id}" value="<bean:message key="global.submit"/>"></cyclos:cell>
This doesn't work

Code: Select all

 	<c:if test="${hasAccounts && cyclos:granted(MemberPermission.INVOICES_SEND_TO_MEMBER)}">
                    <cyclos:cell width="35%" className="label"><bean:message key="profile.action.sendInvoice"/></cyclos:cell>
                    <cyclos:cell align="left"><input type="button" class="linkButton" linkURL="sendInvoice?to=${member.id}" value="<bean:message key="global.submit"/>"></cyclos:cell>

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Re: [cyclos 3.7_RC1] Send invoice from profile not possible

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This is a bug and will be fixed on the next release.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.

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