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i really cant test this on a fresh setup (as it would require quite a lot of config. setup, error="out of resources" :) )

but on our setup is allowed to a member gives and view broker references.
once a member add a broker reference, it returns to a page with 2 options, over that reference (send and remove).

if it choose to "go back", it goes to itself references profile (instead of anything meanigfull like it home or it request page). [is that the expected behaviour?]

if it choose to send, no modification is made. (if it choose remove, i presume it will be removed).

this is mostly what i would like to point, but beside that, i wonder how the refrences list is show. for me, it seems to be handy have such think about this, as the list doesnt show anything beside the reference existance, and only after click on the icon you may see something. (like the reference desciption), maybe would be better if we could have some info on the list (like a rating), and maybe some "group by" if more than one reference is given by the same member.

not a exactly a bug, mostly loud thoughts and feedbacking.

best regards,
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