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Rest versus soap (more on web-services)

Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 7:12 am
by jaime
Hi all,

i would love that cyclos web-services could have permission set on field level (so, sensible data could be blocked of serving, and public data could be whitelisted to any host). ***edited*** [i thinks its possible to emulate this behaviour by proxing the requests, but didnt tried yet, so, im not sure.]

as the recent topic about rest, im quite concerned if the soap support will still be available (unaswered question).

cyclos is shipped with two ws-client.jar files (i never realized how to use it), but i found quite an interesting reading that i would like to share: ... client/en/ ... ients.html

i hope that will be usefull for others as for me! :)

Best regards,