messaging system (plus other thoughts)

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messaging system (plus other thoughts)

Post by jaime »

Hi all,
does anyone know if its possible to ë-mail" a message to cyclos message system.
like send a e-mail to would get into cyclos messages inbox?

i droped the idea of use wordpress mu (its not needed), but as i said earlier, im thinking of glue statusnet to cyclos to get the "social community" enviroment feel.

it does have different routines for message and for notices (even if im think tehre wouldnt be a point on this, as a message is just a "private notice", it must be twitter "way"), and have support for anottation. (this is where the magic can happen. twitter does support anottations as well, but it doesnt mail mentions, even i know it would be possible, dunno how)

the idea with anottations is add tags for the notices (and i would like also have it to messages), so youl could create getsatisfactions foruns like, ticket system etc...

the idea with this addon would affect the references, the message system and the contacts.

as i said before, it could work similar to disqus.

i noticed that cyclos will have support for use external web-services (im very curious about this, and the info text usage)

if someone could explain the idea, i would appreciate to see if im looking for the right directions.

thanks in advance,

ps: maybe it could also affect the member record stuff (remarks) maybe google apache waves would fit better here, with object transformation, but i really cant say if it would fit, or/and how it would interact with the openmu protocol. this protocols standards are good, atm im waiting for the specs to xmpp-sip bridge (its a rfc atm, i hope "big blue button" get xmpp support till then), for tdd, for example.
ps2: dunno why twitter use zendesk for ticket system, though. i first thought on use "request tracker (rt)", but open microblog protocol seems to have a brighter future, imo... as it work federated, it would give the openid concept a leverage.
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