delimitors in .csv-files

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delimitors in .csv-files

Post by ton »

I am trying to make a print of all the ads in our database for those of our Keerkring-members that don't have access to internet.
You can (as administrator) save an ads-file in .csv-format by clicking on the floppy-disk button. Csv-files can be read by MS-excel.

My problem is that the delimitors used by csv-files are ';' . This interpunction is also regularly used by members within ads to separate 2 part of an ad. What happens is easy to imagine: MSexcel interprets the ';' within the ad as a delimitor between two fields. ......... which makes a mess of your work.

It's no option to forbid members to use the';' : that will never work. In my view the only option is to change the delimitor used by .csv-files to one hardly or never used by members within ads.

My question is: is it possible (and if so: how) to change the delimitors used in .csv-files to a delimitor which is hardly or non at all used by members in their ads?

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Post by hugovanderzee »

Hi Ton,

Yes a difficult issue. We have experimented a bit with other delimiters like for example the pipe character ( | ) which is less used. But some programs like ms excel cannot interpret this (open office does).
We did found another solution. We implemented a filter that replaces the ; by : on the submit of advertisments.
It will be availible in the next update (end of March)
Hugo van der Zee
Cyclos development team

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