How is broker fee liability accounted for in community acc?

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How is broker fee liability accounted for in community acc?

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Two people perform a transaction... The fee goes to the community account. A transfer is made of those funds (transaction fee) to somewhere else i.e. another member. Party A of above transaction was brokered by party C. Party A performs enough transactions for C to receive commision. But there isn't enough credit in community account to pay the commision because it was transfered away.
Is this possible with a liability (possible x broker commision) against the community account.


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Hi Marc

Very good question. In fact what will happen if that the community account (or other system account where the commission is paid from) will go negative. Even if it is configured as a limited (cannot go negative) account.

It is important to make sure that that the account the commission is paid from has enough resources. A simple way to do this is to make this account the destination account for the transaction tax and make the transaction tax lower than the commission.

But this is just an example/suggestion. There are various ways to solve this.
Hugo van der Zee
Cyclos development team

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