How to track what's been traded?

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To monitor what has been traded, I think the following option is a good idea:

add an extra field "category" to the payment forms
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give a radio-button list of offerings from the person's ads in the payment forms
add "pay" buttons to all ads when these are offerings
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None of those, I think we don't need to monitor this
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How to track what's been traded?

Post by rinke »

In order to monitor succes of your system, what you would like to do is monitor how much has been traded, and what has been traded.
Monitoring how much has been traded is not a problem, but to get an overall picture what has been traded throughout the history of your system, is very difficult at the moment. For each transactions, there is of course the "description" field, but as this is a field where free text can be entered, it is fairly impossible to categorize that to get an overall picture.

Now, there are two possible features which might help a bit in this problem.

At first, what we could do, is add a field for a category to each transaction registration. We have categories for ads anyway, so it would be quite easy to just use this also for categorizing transactions as well. This could be an obligatory field, or a voluntary field. Disadvantage of course is that it give the user one more field to fill in.

A second sollution could be, to have a better connection between offers (in the ads), and the transactions. For example: suppose you want to make a payment to another member. Usually, you go this person's profile, and then choose "new payment". Now, when showing the payment form, the program could also show a list of available offerings from the ads of this person, so that you can use a radiobutton to select the correct offer. (Of course, also an option for "other" should be available). In this way, transactions can be linked to ads, and as ads are categorized, transactions become categorizable too. Same structure could be used for sending invoices, and as these are your own ads, an extra checkbox could be added ("delete this ad since it has been sold now?").

Another possibility is to add a "pay" button to the overview of ads; again a possibility to link ads to transactions.

Of course, all three options are not mutually exclusive; we could opt for all of them.

How do people think about this? Please let us know.
Rinke Hoekstra
cyclos project team,

henk van arkel
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Post by henk van arkel »

To mine opinion the monitoring should not create any extra work for the partcipants. When sollution three is used it will even make it more easy for partcipants: you check the offer and order immediately, while at the same time creating statistic data. That feels good. Of course this implies that transactions that are less related to the offer, or are bount to more regular commercial relations are not entering statistics here. I wonder if the sole information that they form x% of the total turnover is enough info?


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Post by hugovanderzee »

We have discussed this internally but decided not to include this feature for the moment. It is ofcourse interesting to see for organisations to see what has been traded.
From the Member point of view it can be different. Do you want to be forced to select a catagory when you do a payment? There will be certainly Members that think that it is their business what they are selling or buying.
Therefore it would be to compulsory to made such a feature obligatory which leaves out option one. If you make it optional the reports would not be of much value. The reason to use the catagory field or not might depend on many things like the type of catagory, type of person, the way peole make payments in Cyclos etc. So option two and three would neither be the perfect solution.
Hugo van der Zee
Cyclos development team

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