Eliminating the Demo & Full Member category?

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Eliminating the Demo & Full Member category?

Post by maqueen »

I've added some other categories of membership and tried to eliminate the demo and Full options. Can't figure out how to do it. Any help?

Pierre Lazure
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Demo category

Post by Pierre Lazure »

I have created another category with the same privileges as the Demo because I wanted to use another name (in French). It seems I cannot create an add with this new category or even the demo category although it is in the privileges.

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Post by hugovanderzee »

Member groups are merely permission groups. The groups cannot have different configuration settings. It is easy to rename a group (e.g. other language). Just select the edit icon in the group list.

I do not full understand the first question:

'categories of membership' Cyclos does not support categories of membership.
'the demo and Full options' Demo and Full members are not options but member groups.

Can you be more specific?

The group function is quite complex. I suggest to read carefully the administration manual which explaines the group function in detail.
The default groups should be sufficiant for most communities. Therefore we suggested in the manual the following:

"The default Member groups should be fine for running a normal system. It is possible to create new member groups but this is something that should only be done with experience in running a system for some time."
Hugo van der Zee
Cyclos development team

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