Allocation of reference numbers to payments and invoices

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Allocation of reference numbers to payments and invoices

Post by mohsin »


I think it would be a good idea to have a reference number for payments and invoices ? This would enable some tracking if required and act as a reference point for the members and admin also.

Kind regards
Mohsin Jaffer
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I agree

Post by seanrphl »

Yes, we agree on the transaction ID which is searchable and serves the purposes as defined by moshin.

This should also be reflected in printed transaction report which a member can print out and bring to a store/shop to pickup goods or when the goods are delivered by the seller. The seller can now easily reference the printed paper with what is online.

Way to go. :D

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transaction reference number

Post by rinke »

Internally, Cyclos works with such a transaction reference number. Only it does not show to the users.

We can discuss this issue within the team. However, personally, I am not responsible for the scheduling of new features. I only know that there is quite a waiting queue for new features.
Rinke Hoekstra
cyclos project team,

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Post by hugovanderzee »

We have discussed it. It is obviously a valid request. There are some technical issues. We thought of generate a transaction id with a fixed length. The problem with this approach is that you have to check everytime if a transaction ID already exists. With many transactions in the database this can become slow.

At the moment we are thinking using the transaction ID from the database. This ID is also unique. We will also add a search transaction filter by ID and add it in the transaction print function. It will be in the coming version. This version will be a mayor update and is planned for the end of october.
Hugo van der Zee
Cyclos development team

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