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digital signed documents

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:08 am
by jaime
hi hugo,

refering to the old thread dynamic documents (

i found almost a good solution:

on the license agreement i will have my main document
and on the validation link e-mail, the agreement (using variables like #members# on it, dunno yet how those kind of variable are for custom fields).

two issues arises from the above.

1- could you add a bcc (email copy) to the validation link email option? (or, another approach, would be possible to append a string to the user mail? if yes, how/where?)

2 - and optionally, just to keep things organized would be possible to add a url as a document entry? (i could use member record to add a link to the agreement if not)

in such scenario, i would have the agreement mailed at once to the user and to my "docs" server, and optionally, the right url for it under the user documents section.

that seems to solve my issues.

(i missed some more info/doc/resource about the mail validation routine, so this approach is not the smoothest one, thought)

best wishes,

ps: i would solve the main contract and the license agreement, and i would say i would have a 80% done for the loans contracts that would be requested using the documents to the properlly signed docs or something like that. opinions?

ps2: after a second thought, the url on documents isnt really need, i could add a static document iframing my doc from the server (maybe using some kind of my.doc.server/some_url/#member# call) ... me and my crazy hackings! =o)

ps3: FLAW ok, i found one flaw on that. the mail validation message cant be personalized as the license agreement (by groups). infact i wouldnt need my "license agreement" changing, instead, i would need the validation mail message changing. (back to table testing =o/)