Howtos for the optional features of the 07072005 release

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Howtos for the optional features of the 07072005 release

Post by seanrphl »

Hello! I just want to know how the following work:

New update 07/07/2005

Secure applet login (optional)
Automatic generation of usernames (optional)
Transaction password (optional)
Option to publish advertisements externally (on website)

These are interesting features. But I've checked out the manuals at the demo site, but I can't find any reference on how can these be made to work.

Furthemore, it will be nice to know further explanations of these new feature updates?

Thanks! :wink:

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Post by hugovanderzee »

Yes correct the manual does not have the information. In the help of the local settings you will find the explanation. We do not put everything in the manual anymore because we noticed that we where duplicating a lot of information. The manual will explain always the basic functionlaty and hte helps will go more in detail. Still I agree the manual would have to mention the settings. Next version...
Hugo van der Zee
Cyclos development team

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