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static (custom site) pages

Posted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:00 pm
by jaime
cyclos atm comes with an index.jsp , and it does all redirections.
would be possible to have another index.jsp that links for a login.jsp page that does the redirection.

i dont have java knowledge, but i have an anoying problem that my ssl conection get lost when i move out of the login page to my static pages and back to cyclos login page.

im not sure but i think its related with the web.xml mapping/filters

i noticed that cyclos has wap/mobile/operator folder that does redirections, i wonder if add an static_files folder where i can put all my pages in, and not break cyclos ssl conection when navigating between than, makes sense (not sure if its the best solution for the issue, im open for sugestions).

i am tempted to do labs on actual cyclos, but i allready saw that index.jsp has change (seems to be more versatile at a first glance).

so if someone had this problem (not pop-up a new window for login), lets talk to see what we can manage to do.