General interest and Block Chain

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General interest and Block Chain

Post by tmccormick »

We are working on a project that, we think, could use Cyclos 3 (or 4) as a base tool. Much of what we need is here, in fact, it's more than what we need at least for now. There are some questions though. We are leaning toward the version 3 open source distribution because we need to private brand it for a completely closed network, but might consider the version 4. We would strictly be using member count licenses as no EURO or dollars are involved in this project.

However, we do need to be able to support blockchains (similar to bitcoin). We don't need distributed management, just local tracking. Does the project have this in it's future? If now what would it cost to add that kind of module?


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Re: General interest and Block Chain

Post by fulldanad »


We would also like to use Cyclos for our project and benefit from the trust of the blockchain to guaranty reliability of all transactions.

For this to be done we have been thinking of creating an app in Ethereum for the security aspect of the back-end and use Cyclos as the front-end to propose our users a nice user interface.

Now if you have already found a way to do this, I'd be happy to avoid the pain of doing it again.

@tmccormick, could you please tell us where your project stand ?

@Cyclos's Team, could you please share your opinion on the BlockChain and tell us if you plan to integrate this technology in Cyclos in the future ?

Thanks and Regards
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Re: General interest and Block Chain

Post by segovro »

Dear all
I would be very interested at developping a trustless, serverless, ethereum based Cyclos version.
I have done some preliminary works:
MIST enabled DAPP
Write me at [url]mailto://[/url]
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