deep links from outside?

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deep links from outside?

Post by thomasw »

Hi all,

can Cyclos receive deep links from outside?
E.g. i want to have a link in cyweb (cyclos web interface with cyclos services) pointing
a) to the profile of the ad owner
b) to the add itself
c) sending an message to another member
of course, the link should open in a new window and the profile or ad should appear only after the correct login.

Maybe it works already, maybe there's work to do to enable this?

Thank you a lot!
Thomas Sam Wittich
Do it, but do it well!
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Post by hugo »

Hi Thomas,

This should be possible in the same way as you select a link in an e-mail notification. You could use links in the following way:

http://server/cyclos_instance/do/member ... MemberId=5

Regars, Hugo
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