Viewing balances of other members

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Viewing balances of other members

Post by Hayden »

I've been trying out the demo site and I'm very impressed but I can not see where I can view the current balance (and turnover) of another member. Although at present our group (Wairarapa Green Dollar Exchange) does not permit this publication I believe it is the standard "cornerstone" of a LETS group.
Is that function currently present? And if so, where?
Is it planned for the future? Can it be an option that groups could turn on/off depending on their philosphy?
Could be a good poll question. Cheers, Hayden. :)

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Here's what you do

Post by seanrphl »

1. Click on "Search" on the navigation area to the left.

2. Select "Member", this opens member search.

3. Input member details in the search fields and begin searching for that member. Try the member login "Antonsky" so you have a name to begin with (it's registered at the demo site so you can find it).

4. Click on the Antonsky's details after search results show it.

5. In the "Actions for Antonsky" table below the member profile. Click "View Reports" and cyclos will show you member balance, transactions and activities. I think this is the one you're looking for.

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