Member to member messaging and email

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Member to member messaging and email

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When a members sends a message to another member in Cyclos, and that member has email notifications switched on for messages, they get the email message ok but the reply-to address is the general cyclos email, not the email address of the member that sent the message.

There is therefore no way of knowing who the message has actually come from in the email, unless it is clear from the message text. If they reply, it will obviously just go back to the admin, who also has no idea who it was sent by

Is this intentional, or is it just a setting I am missing somewhere?

It would not be so bad if you could add a suffix like all the other notifications (like 'don't reply to this directly, login to you account...'). You don't get that suffix on member to member messages (even though you do on member to admin messages!)
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