Cyclos Security Policy?

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Cyclos Security Policy?

Post by Lori »


I am currently drafting a security policy in compliance with our national security act which governs the use of personal information. The regulations require us to reference the security policies of third party data service providers.

Could someone please let me know where I can access the Cyclos security pollicy? Thanks very much!

Lori Heath
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Re: Cyclos Security Policy?

Post by cycloshost »

We are also interested in the security policy of Cyclos 3 and 4, for example in terms of compliance to the PCI/DSS standards.

Security issues were discussed also in this thread:
Cyclos administration and hosting
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Re: Cyclos Security Policy?

Post by brian.mckeon »

I have been asked by a client to evaluate Cyclos as a potential platform. A significant area is the security of the platform and I am trying to find out more on this. Did this thread eventually result in a documented security policy for Cyclos?
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Re: Cyclos Security Policy?

Post by obriandavids »

I would also like to know!

Is it possible to find this out via another means, since no one seems to be answering the question here?
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