Link Cyclos to my control server

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Link Cyclos to my control server

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I am working on a small design project and I am wondering Cyclos has the function of acting as a simulated bank that would be able to exchange data with my control server (using C# language)?

The rough design:
[POS] ----------------------------> [Control Server] ----------------------------> [Cyclos (Bank with all the accounts)]
PersonA buys from StoreB.....A's money goes to B's account.................Bank is notified and A's money gets deducted from his/her account and added to B's account

Most of the coding will be in C#. Thinking of using HTTP protocol.

Feedback/Answer/Explainations would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Link Cyclos to my control server

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Cyclos has various interfaces. Make sure to have good look at the pages under the section 'External access' at the wiki:

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