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Creating an Overdraft module

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:06 pm
by ken4ward
Thanks, everyone! Improving my knowledge on Cyclos, the next agenda is to develop an Overdraft module. What does this mean? It is a variant of the loan feature in Cyclos. How it is to work is this: let me begin with the common scenario using the loan feature, the admin could grant loan to a member by debiting organization debit account, and crediting the member's account. ?This simply means that the credit is available in his account.

The Overdraft feature we (our organization) are looking at using should work thus: when loan (Overdraft) is granted a member, and the time to pay back the loan is set, if he hasn't finished spending the money (units) before the time elapses, the remaining should be automatically reverted back to the account in which it was credited from. If he had partly spent from the loan (overdraft) granted him, when payment is made into his account, his account must be charged until he has fully paid the overdraft. With my experience I think Cyclos is not modeled to work this way.

Please, my quest is this: Leveraging on your expertise in Cyclos, what is the best approach to getting this done very fast? web service? Some configuration in Cyclos? or, whatever.... Do I need to develop a module at all or just a little twinkling would do? Your wise expertise advice will save a bunch of time to be wasted on self research. Thanks!