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Post by blueowl »


Hello Everyone,

Just started looking at the ware,

first thing I noticed was lack of browse function.

I feel this is pretty important to promote members

to each other and to help traders shop.

Really glad to see a nonprofit working towards community trade.

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Re: browse

Post by rinke »

Hi BlueOwl,

The search function in the main menu does have the possibility to browse over all entries in the database.
In any search window in cyclos, when you do not fill in anything in the edit boxes, the program returns ALL available entries.

So when you want to browse all offers in the database, you should do the following:
1 - in the main menu, click on search > products & services
2 - in the window, click on the advanced button
3 - If you just click search, you get all the available offers. If this is too much, you can do this category by category, by first selecting the first category in the "search by category" drop down and then hit first, and then repeat this for the rest.

Something like this is possible for searching on members.

If you think that these browsing possibilities are missing something or could be improved, then we would like to hear your suggestions.
Rinke Hoekstra
cyclos project team,

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Post by blueowl »

hi Rinke,

maybe it would be good to make browsing more intuitive..

like a 'browse all listings' link, and then categories and subcategories.

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