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TransactionAgreement feature

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we find very useful the RegistrationAgreement function that allows to assign a TOS contract to a group.

But we would like to know if you considered something like a TransactionAgreement that can be assigned to a specific transaction. We want to make a more efficient use of the TOS and add particular contracts. Now we are forced to include some very specific contracts in TOS for groups which the members may not make a use of that particular contract.

If you consider to implement it, for the text you could use the current RegistrationAgreement functionality. The only difference would be that for a TransactionAgreement we would be able to set the permission instead of in the group level, in the transfer type level (of course for every member that belongs to a Group that has access to that transfer type). It would be advisable that only the first time that a member makes a transaction of that type, the TransactionAgreement appears.

With this functionality we could reduce a lot the common TOS and make them more user friendly to the end user.
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