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Re: unbelivable [pt_BR] { BitCoins }

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for those who likes bitcoins, here are some nice read

i must close all door and start to study.
i would never belive in such fundless money to workout, but it seems i was completelly wrong.
peer2peer funding is something that i cant yet understando fully (i understand the math, but not the motivation).
lots of companys has it own money (like sony) but those are fidelity money based in products/services for funding.
bitcoin seems to have fund and exchange, based in pure math (the emission alghoritm), i must study, study and study! :/
http://www.advivo.com.br/blog/luisnassi ... al-bitcoin

ok, i need to breath! cya!

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Re: unbelivable [pt_BR] { BitCoins }

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bitcointalk.org is the community's forum please join! You will get all the info you need, or could handle. The older members are harsh on younger members who join, this has come from 10000000's of new members looking for hands outs. Make sure you use your noob time to read the basics so you do not ask heavly covered questions.
Do not buy any mining equipment that does not exist yet, that means do not PRE-ORDER hardware. If someone does not already own one that can show you pictures and a video of do not buy it.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me admin@bitcoin-financial.com

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