Bitcoin support for cyclos ?

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Bitcoin support for cyclos ?

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i would like to ask if there are plans to add payments in bitcoins in the software ? I know there are a controversy about the "ponzi scheme bitcoins" on the internet and i think the people who are questioning "where are the first 9 million bitcoins ?" . But on the other hand it seems bitcoins are not ruled by any private central bank entity (like the FED) and for that reason they are independent.


Larry :)
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Re: Bitcoin support for cyclos ?

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Built and functioning

Also other things that are working, are BTC>USD USD>BTC you can convert currency's. Fund you account with a Credit Card instantly with google checkout and other great features.

I am looking for programmers to help us develop our system pay may be in % of company shares held on
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Re: Bitcoin support for cyclos ?

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Ok, we will look at it.
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Re: Bitcoin support for cyclos ?

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I heard that there is a ATM Bitcoin machine and the users can use this one to get bitcoins. Actually, I am not sure Bitcoin supports for cyclos and if you have answer, pls share. Thanks!
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