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a superb feature (for me at least)

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:29 am
by jaime
Hi all,
im back to the town! :)
after a while i will try to focus a little more to see what i can do to roll this out. (the initiative as overall)
im using an amount range to charge a fee.
from 0 to 1.0000 - 7%
from 1.000,01 to 10.000 - 6%
and so on.
i think that would be even better if i could base the fee on the past (in my case) 30 days total transactions.
so, if someone had in the past 30 day trasacted 10.0000, the fee would be 6% , if it transacted 5.000 the fee would be 7%
its mostly a loud thought, but it seems to make sense.

best regards to all!